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Canyon Creek Travel (CCT) will be your "one stop" for Dallas Cup hotel reservations & local transportation (multi-passenger vans, mini vans, etc.) needs.  The staff at CCT will coordinate all of the hotel reservations, hotel room deposits, and local van rentals for teams that have received their "Official Invitation" to participate. All reservations will be made on line through the Dallas Cup website and/or via email.


As a reminder and as stated in the Application & Selection Procedures, Requirements and General Information; All teams that are selected for participation are required to make hotel reservations for their entire traveling delegation (players, staff, parents & supporters, etc.) through CCT.  Reservations are required at one of the 10 designated Dallas Cup hotels.  A minimum deposit equal to five (5) nights cost plus tax for each room reserved will be required.  CCT staff will provide specific details on when rooming list and credit card information will be required and deposits processed. The online hotel reservation process (link shown below) needs to be completed as soon as possible but no later than 15 days from the date of the Official Invitation notification and is non-refundable except for good cause as determined by the Dallas Cup. If the required reservations and specified deposit is not made, the Dallas Cup reserves the right to withdraw the invitation to participate, and the entry fee will be forfeited.  Please make all members of your team delegation aware of this requirement.


The Crowne Plaza Hotel is the Tournament Headquarters.  In making your hotel decision please remember that many things take place at the Headquarters hotel:  Team registration, Welcome Reception for coach and manager, Mandatory Coaches meeting early Sunday morning, adult social activity for coach and manager and specials in the lounge for all team adults staying at the head quarters hotel.


Reservations for multi-passenger vans (15 pass, 12 pass & Mini vans) and cars can be made at the same time hotel reservations are requested.  CAPPS Van Rental and Enterprise, Dallas Cup Sponsors, have the largest supply of multi-passenger vans in the Dallas area and their rates are very competitive.  While teams are not required to rent their local transport from CAPPS and Enterprise it is highly recommended that you do so and support these tournament sponsors.


Reservations are to be made only by those teams that have received the Official Notice of Invitation via email from the Dallas Cup office. If you have any questions, please contact Ray Hirschowitz.


For Invited Teams to Begin the Hotel & Van Reservation Process

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Canyon Creek Travel is also a major partner with American Airlines and can, in many cases, get better prices than other travel agencies.  They are prepared to assist teams with air travel to Dallas should the team be selected to receive the official invitation to participate. 


For more information for Invited Teams on what Canyon Creek Travel can do for your team with air travel

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