Team Application-Registration

Before applying for Dallas Cup, we ask that you read and become familar with the following Dallas Cup Procedures and Requirements.  You will find the link to the Team Application page at the end of this document. 

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIX
(March 25th - April 1st, 2018)

Procedures, Requirements for Team Registration


Dallas Metro Area teams should NOT complete the on-line application until instructed to do so by the Dallas Cup office.


The Dallas Cup is an invitational tournament and will only accept applications/registrations from USSF, USYSA and international FIFA affiliated club, league, select, or association boys teams as defined by the USYSA and the USSF. The Dallas Cup reserves the right to not select any team whose actions or behavior is deemed not to be in the best interest of youth soccer.


Special Note:  The Dallas Cup format is in line with U.S. Soccer Development Academy Program and “Best Practice” recommendations and with US Club Soccer Pre-Academy guidelines and as such Academy teams from both programs are eligible for participation if they apply and are selected for an invitation. Because Academy teams from both organizations are based on January 1st birth dates and the Dallas Cup age groups are based on August 1st birth dates Academy and Pre-Academy teams should submit their applications as follows:




 **Will receive consideration for the Dallas Cup Super Group if requested

This procedure will allow Academy teams to participate if selected without having to adjust their roster by leaving players off their Dallas Cup roster if “too old” based on the August 1st date. Academy teams must please add the word “Academy” to the team name.


The Dallas Cup is sanctioned by the North Texas State Soccer Association in affiliation with the United States Youth Soccer Association, the United States Soccer Federation and FIFA. See the approved "Application to Host a Tournament or Games" on the Dallas Cup web site for details of the sanction. The Rules of the Competition is also available on the web site.


The Dallas Cup will only accept applications/registrations that are submitted on line through our website. All sections of the application/registration must be completed. International team applications will not be accepted without complete information for their English speaking contact. The information provided in the application is the major basis for invitation decisions by the selection committee.


Age Groups for Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIX


U19/20 will be players born     January 1, 1999 and Later
U18                             January 1,
2000 and Later
U17                             January 1, 2001 and Later
U16                             January 1, 2002 and Later
U15                             January 1, 2003 and Later
U14                             January 1, 2004 and Later
U13                             January 1, 2005 and Later


The entry fee is $1325 [USD] per team.


The Dallas Cup must receive payment of the entry fee within TEN (10) days of submitting the application. Payment is to be made to Dallas Cup, Inc. by Cashier’s check, Check, ECheck, Credit Card (additional fee will apply) or wire transfer of funds directly to the Dallas Cup account. Direct Deposit of funds will not be accepted as a form of payment.


Please make sure to indicate Team Name, Age Group, and Confirmation Number is on the check and all correspondence.


Contact Frances Ortiz ( in the Dallas Cup office for wire transfer information. Please make sure to indicate Team Name, Age Group, and Confirmation Number on the wire transfer order at your bank and notify Frances when the wire transfer has been sent providing originating bank, reference numbers on transfer if available and any other information that will assist us in crediting the correct team.


Special Note: If a team is not selected to receive an invitation or accepted to the tournament, the refund of the entry fee will be made with a Dallas Cup, Inc. check made payable to the Team Name and mailed to the address of the “Primary Contact” that is shown in the completed application regardless of the form of payment used. Notice of rejection by e-mail will include information concerning the refund of the team entry fee.

Mailing Address: 

Dallas Cup, Inc. 
Attention: Frances Ortiz
12700 Park Central Drive
Suite 507
Dallas, Texas 75251


All entry fees will be deposited upon receipt.  Deposit of the entry fee does not indicate acceptance of the team.


The entry fee will be forfeited if a team has accepted the invitation and subsequently withdraws for any reason.

Applications will not be accepted teams after November 30th, 2017.

The Dallas Cup reserves the right to close any of the age groups at any time prior to the dates mentioned should the Selection Committee deem it appropriate.



Because the Dallas Cup is a highly selective and competitive tournament, fulfillment of the application/registration procedures does not guarantee an invitation unless the Dallas Cup office has extended an early-confirmed invitation verbally, via email or by letter prior to the start of the normal selection/invitation process.  Possible reasons for an early invitation would be that a team is a current National Champion depending on the age group or a youth team that is affiliated with an international club or organization known to the Dallas Cup, etc.  The selection committee expends considerable effort to verify all application information and select the most competitive teams possible. Teams are advised to apply as early as possible providing as much performance information as possible to ensure adequate consideration. There is a section in the application/registration process,“Pertinent Comments about the team ” where teams can submit additional information that they feel would be important to the committee in the selection process.

The selection of teams and "Official Invitation" notification via e-mail will begin in early December of the year before the tournament.   The selection of teams is planned to be complete by late December to allow invited teams more time to complete travel plans, complete all required paperwork, etc. 


All invited teams and their entire travelling delegation (players [not Homestay teams], coaches, parents, supporters, etc.) will be required to make hotel reservations and pay a five (5) night deposit in advance for each room reserved at one of the ten (10) designated Dallas Cup hotels. Hotels and rates will be determined and available prior to the start of the selection process.

The five (5) night deposit is based on Team Registration times. The International teams will register on Saturday morning at the latest and for USA teams outside the Dallas area registration takes place on Saturday between 1:00pm and 5:00pm, mandatory Coach/Manger meeting early Sunday morning (approximately 7:30am) and tournament play beginning later Sunday morning and the preliminary round lasting through and including Wednesday evening for a total of five (5) days/nights. The deposit will be due at a preset number of days (approximately 10-14days) from the date of the Official Invitation notification and is non-refundable except for good cause as determined by the Dallas Cup.  If the specified deposit is not made by the designated time, the Dallas Cup reserves the right to withdraw the invitation to participate and the entry fee will be forfeited.

NOTE: Team representatives are asked and advised to make their entire travelling delegation (players [not Homestay teams], coaches, parents, supporters, etc.) aware of this requirement well in advance of the beginning of the Selection Process December.

Preliminary games are scheduled from Sunday through Wednesday of the tournament week for all age groups. On opening Sunday approximately 144 teams will play their first match, but it will not be known until approximately two (2) weeks before the tournament as to which teams will play on this date, so ALL TEAMS should make their travel plans accordingly and be ready to play their first preliminary round match as early as 9:30am on Opening Sunday.


Canyon Creek Travel/American Express (CCT/AE) is the "Official Travel Agency” for the Dallas Cup.  They have negotiated airline discounts for team and individual travel including name changes on non-refundable tickets and many other “perks” that are not available from any other agency.  They work very closely with American Airlines and many of the other airlines and are considered an American Airlines "Top Account".  Being a "Top Account" provides them with many opportunities to save you money that other travel agencies cannot offer.  They will also have the knowledge and capability of blocking space for multiple teams from the same area in order to negotiate even better prices. While invited teams are not required to make airline reservations with CCT/AE, the Dallas Cup strongly recommends their service.  As applications are received by the Selection Committee, CCT/AE will be contacting the teams to offer assistance with air travel plans.  If the team is extended the Official Invitation to participate, the travel plans can then be finalized. It is strongly recommended that initial contact with Canyon Creek be made as soon as the application is submitted.  Most major airlines have reduced their capacity and in turn are offering fewer flights during peak periods such as Easter. Canyon Creek Travel will also provide assistance with the selected teams required hotel reservations and local ground transportation (multi-passenger vans, cars, etc.) once the team has been notified of the invitation. Please do not contact CCT prior to being selected regarding hotel information or reservations.


Official Invitation information will be available on line through the Dallas Cup web site once the Selection Process begins in December. This information will contain all pertinent forms, documents, procedures and deadlines related to participation in the tournament.


Special Note: the “Rules of Competition” (1) now allow invited teams in all age groups to roster twenty two (22) players, identifying eighteen (18) for each match, (2) have up to five (5) guest players with a total roster of twenty two (22) and (3) require the “Visiting/Away Team” to change uniforms in case of a color conflict. Please see the full “Rules of Competition” on the Dallas Cup website at

All participating players will be required to have medical insurance that provides coverage for injury and/or illness. International teams will be required to provide documentation that players’ medical insurance is valid in the USA. Teams will be required to complete Dallas Cup Medical/Liability/Media Release forms for each player and International teams will be required to complete the “Club Medical/Liability/Media Release” form in addition to the player form. Forms will be available when the Selection Process begins.

Transportation to and from Dallas, Texas, shall be at the expense of the participating teams.

Participating teams are responsible for all expenses. Expenses include, but are not limited to, local hotel accommodations, food, local ground transportation for the entire delegation (multi-passenger vans), entertainment costs and any medical treatment required.
Team registration is planned to begin Thursday evening before the tournament for local Dallas teams and will close Saturday evening at 5:00pm with USA teams being the last group to complete registration.  There are no registration facilities on Sunday morning. 

Team arrival in Dallas for International teams should be planned for Friday and USA teams from outside the Dallas area should arrive Saturday morning or early afternoon at the latest.

Dallas teams are required to complete registration on the Thursday evening prior to the beginning of the tournament.

International teams can begin registration on Friday evening and are required to complete the registration process by no later than 1:00pm on Saturday.

USA teams will begin registration at 1:00pm on Saturday and are required to complete the registration process by no later than 5:00pm on Saturday.

Registration times at the Headquarters Hotel will be as follows:

         Thursday, 7pm-9pm, Dallas teams mandatory.

            Friday, 7pm-10pm, International teams optional.

          Saturday, 8am-1pm, International teams mandatory.  Note: International teams must have their players with passports available at registration.


          Saturday, 1pm-5pm, USA teams mandatory.

When arriving in Dallas on Saturday, make sure the arrival time is early enough to arrive at the Headquarters Hotel no later than 3:30pm so registration can be completed by closing time at 5:00pm. 


The mandatory coaches meeting will take place at approximately 7:30am on Sunday morning.

Tournament play begins Sunday morning at approximately 9:30am
Invited teams should make their travel plans accordingly.



ALL TEAMS are required to attend Opening Ceremonies on the first Sunday of the tournament week


The Quarterfinals, Semi-finals and Finals are scheduled from Thursday through Sunday of the tournament week depending on the age group.

The Super Group division will have the semi-final games on Friday and the Final on Sunday evening.


International teams may request the Dallas Cup Homestay program (for players only). The program, which places players in the homes of local Dallas teams that also participate in the tournament, is available on a limited basis but is not guaranteed until confirmed by the Dallas Cup. Requests for the Homestay program should be made as early as possible in the application process. Teams from North America (Canada, Mexico and the USA) are not eligible for the Homestay program.


The Homestay Program, at no cost to the international teams, includes sleeping arrangements and two (2) meals per day. The international team is responsible for the cost of the hotel rooms for all adults, supporters, etc. at one of the Dallas Cup designated hotels and meals for all adults, supporters, etc., any additional meals for the players, all entertainment costs for the entire delegation and local transportation in the Dallas area. The local transportation is to be in the form of multi-passenger vans, bus or car rental sufficient to transport the entire delegation and luggage for all team activities.

Teams that are approved for the Homestay Program should arrive in Dallas on the Friday prior to the tournament week and must end their stay the Monday morning following the conclusion of the tournament for a total of 10 nights.
The Homestay Program will not exceed 10 nightsIf travel plans call for arrival or departure dates other than those mentioned, the international team is responsible for all additional expenses related to the players sleeping arrangements and meals prior to the Homestay Program beginning or after the date of conclusion of the program.

International teams requesting the Homestay Program must indicate this request on their application form.  International teams must also indicate if they will still participate if the Homestay Program is not available.

International teams that are approved for the Homestay Program will be given detailed information upon notification of invitation to participate in the tournament.

Should you need to correct or change any information once the online application has been submitted or if you wish to provide the Selection Committee with any additional information, contact Ray Hirschowitz via
Email with the information. DO NOT SUBMIT ANOTHER APPLICATION.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, CONTACT: Ray Hirschowitz, Tournament Manager
Phone: (214) 221-3636    E-mail:
Fax: (214) 221-4636     Website:



If there are any questions please contact Ray Hirschowitz at  






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