Gordon Jago Super Group Semi-finals Preview

Games at 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM

Kashiwa Reysol vs. Aalborg BK (5:00 PM CST) and Fulham FC vs. Fluminense FC (7:30 PM CST) at Cotton Bowl Stadium

Kashiwa Reysol vs AalBorg BK 5:00 PM at Cotton Bowl Stadium


There will be some firsts in this year's Dallas Cup. We will have a Danish or Japanese team in the Gordon Jago Super Group finals. Aalborg BK has been overshadowed a little by the success of Kashiwa but they definitely earned their way into the Semi's. This is the first time to the States for majority of the 50 player/coach traveling party. They reminded us there are quality football in all corners of the world. The Aalborg Super Group team plays an very organized and discipline game. Like all successful teams reaching this level, they don't beat themselves. 

"The economical passing, the simple techniques and the movement off the ball, they're things we haven't really come up against before. The Japanese team played like Barcelona. They were technically superb.....” - Kevin Sheedy manager of last year's Everton squad. This was the comment of Kevin Sheedy after their 4-3 loss to Kashiwa Reysol at last year's tournament. Kashiwa Reysol is the Japanese version of Barcelona. Their tiki taka game has been the talk of tournament. 



Fulham FC and Fluminense FC was my pre-tournament pick for the finals. Fulham has not disappointed. They are a joy to watch playing with confidence and flair. This is a talented team and could be one of the best teams we've seen to come through our tournament. To compete with Fulham, you must have talented attackers to keep Fulham honest. This game won't be a 1-0 final. You'll have to score and Fluminense has the personnel to give Fulham a game. And don't forget, Brazilian teams has an amazing track record here at the Dallas Cup. Who predicted Coritiba's victory over Manchester United last year. This is much see football.





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