Friendly Games "The Dallas Cup Way"

Friendly games are offered to participating teams only that do not advance to the knock out stage.  Friendly games are played on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the tournament week weather permitting and the availability of fields.  Teams are matched up with other Dallas Cup teams in their age group and every attempt is made to make sure that teams in bracket do not play each other in the Friendly games.  This would provide the teams that do not advance a possibility of playing a total of at least 5 games during the week (weather permitting and field availability).


Dr Pepper Dallas Cup 40 Friendly Games

“The Dallas Cup Way”


Registration Procedures

For those teams that do not advance beyond the Preliminary Stage of the tournament, we plan to present the opportunity to play “Friendly Games” (depending on weather and field availability) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the tournament week.  This opportunity is for Dallas Cup participating teams only.

The registration procedures are as follows:

Location:               Ballroom Level-In front of the Communications Center

Headquarters Hotel-Crowne Plaza-Addison

Date/Time             Wednesday      1:00pm to 5:00pm

Thursday          9:00am to 12:00pm

Note: If all available time slots are filled prior to the above hours, registration will close.

All games will be played at the Classic League Complex at Richland College on Thursday, Friday and Saturday depending on field availability.

Planned Time Slots (Subject to Change) are as follows:




Thursday time slots will be filled first beginning with the earliest time slot. Once all slots are filled on Thursday, Friday slots will be filled beginning with the earliest time slot. Once all slots are filled on Friday, Saturday slots will be filled beginning with the earliest time slot.

Games will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Teams may not register until it is confirmed that they will not advance from the preliminary round.

If two teams wish to play each other a representative from each team must come to registration at the same time.

Teams will be paired based on the field of teams registered. Pairings will be reviewed to try and make sure that you do not play a team from your Dallas Cup Bracket. Teams registered for the Friendly Games from the Super Group and the Under 19 Group will be considered one group.

Games will be full length according to the Rules of the Competition for the Dallas Cup, except that all teams may use free unlimited substitution at the referee’s discretion on entry.  No overtime will be played.

Referee Fees will be paid by the participating teams. Each team will be responsible for 50% of the total cost. Referee fees will be collected in cash at the time of registration.  The exact amount must be presented in payment (i.e. two $20 bills, etc). We will not have any change available at registration.  In the event one of the registered teams does not show up for the match their percentage of the total cost is forfeited. We will try to reschedule the remaining team if possible.  If not their percentage of the referee fee will be returned.

Total cost is $80 or $40 per team.


Please note: All Friendly Games are subject to weather, field availability and referee availability and may be cancelled if Dallas Cup tournament games require the use of the fields planned for Friendly Games.

Remember These Are Friendly Games

Play Well-Play Fair-Enjoy

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