June Jago Memorial Fund Donations

The Dr Pepper Dallas Cup has announced the creation of the June Jago Memorial Fund to benefit and bring awareness to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.

Ms. Jago was married to Dallas Cup Ambassador and former Dallas Cup Executive Director, Gordon Jago, for 54 years. Before they married in 1960, June served as a police officer in London, England. She developed several ties to the Dallas Police Department when the Jago’s moved to Dallas in 1984 so that Gordon could start his extensive career with the Dallas Sidekicks.

The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation was established in 2009 by active Dallas Police Officers.  The foundation was designed to assist the immediate families of "fallen officers" injured or killed in the line-of-duty, who are diagnosed with catastrophic illnesses, or experience other catastrophic events. 

The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation is a tax-deductable, nonprofit organization established under provisions of the Internal Revenue Service and the Office of the Texas Secretary of State to operate in the State of Texas.

To make a tax deductible donation, you can click on the link below.



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